Sun/Moon Trajectory Screen Saver





FELEK is a tiny screen saver drawing the trajectories which the Sun and the Moon follow on the sky.

The latitude, trajectory speed (as a multiple of real-time) and the tail length is adjustable. The gray ellipse is the Earth surface. Furthermore, the Earth and Moon illumination is displayed, showing the variation in the distance and inclination of the Moon. The position on the Earth, selected by the latitude, is marked with a red dot on the upper-left globe.

You can install the screen saver by right-clicking on the SCR-file and selecting "Install". Program parameters are saved in the INI-file. Longitude and Time Zone are not used for sake of simplicity; the program uses mean solar time instead, i.e. Sun will be at the zenith at 12:00 on the average.




Click to download FELEK


Click to download FELEK (25 kB)