MAGNA is an HTML/JS application which can be accessed by the WEB browser of any device to obtain the direction and magnitude of the Earth's Magnetic Flux (JavaScript must be enabled). It computes the magnetic field according to the latest International Geomagnetic Reference Field model (IGRF-13). You can change the date over a pop-up calendar or by up-down buttons (depending on your browser) on the "Date" field. The year should be selected between 1895 and 2024. Any year after 2024 gives only approximate values. When you move the pointer over the topographic map, the latitude, longitude and altitude of the pointed location will be shown. The magnetic field values are tabulated beneath. The Inclination (left) and Declination (right) angles are also displayed graphically. The magnetic flux quantitites are abbreviated as follows:

  • D:   Declination Angle (compass drift)
  • I:   Inclination Angle
  • H:   Horizontal Flux
  • T:   Total Flux
  • X:   Flux in X direction
  • Y:   Flux in Y direction
  • Z:   Flux in Z direction



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