Wallpapers showing EARTH / MOON in real-time





GLOBOS is a self-contained, real-time wallpaper generator, which simulates the earth's & moon's illumination by the sun. The earth view includes twilight zones and the moon view takes the earthshine (Da Vinci's Glow) into account.

GLOBOS consists of single EXE-file and runs in background. It reads the clock and timezone information of your PC and calculates the real-time illumination (every 5 minutes for the earth & every 30 minutes for the moon wallpaper). If time/date or timezone is changed, the program immediately updates the wallpaper.



Earth view

Click to download GLOBOSClick to download GLOBOS



Globe view

Click to download GLOBOSClick to download GLOBOS



Moon view

Click to download WALL32Click to download GLOBOS



GLOBOS is a system tray application, featuring many other handy functions :

Minimize All Windows
Hide / Show Desktop Icons
Change Sound Volume Level
Turn Monitor Power Off
Lock Computer
Disable / Enable Screen Saver
Run Screen Saver
Change Wallpaper
Run Windows Explorer
Run Calculator
Open / Close the CD tray
Make any window "Always On Top" and back
"Safely Remove" Mass Storage Device from USB port
Change Desktop Icon Background
Log Off
Shut Down
3 user defined actions



Click to download GLOBOS


Click to download GLOBOS


Custom EARTH/GLOBE wallpapers can be generated by placing an earth-map file (in 256-color BMP format with the name "EARTH.BMP") into the directory where GLOBOS resides. You can download sample file with 2000 x 1000 resolution from here (780 kB).

GLOBOS includes the following 13 different earth maps:



Click to download GLOBOS (1135 kB)


Click to download the "classic" WALL32 with its single map (126 kB)


Click to download the desktop program DESK32 without wallpapers (25 kB)